What is Paleo?

The Paleo diet ( lifestyle, way of eating…) is one that encourages WHOLE foods, REAL foods that are the most optimal for our health.

Foods that promote inflammation, hormone imbalance, gut lining irritation, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases are avoided.

This includes: grains, legumes, dairy ( some people can tolerate high fat cheeses, butter, ghee), added sugar and of course processed food.

You want to balance out your Omega 3- 6… a standard western diet has TOO MUCH omega 6 and this promotes inflammation.

Follow these guidelines:

If it comes from a box or a packet… don’t touch it! ( unless its 100% cocoa… then you should eat it and give me some too)

If you can’t make out what it is exactly or what its original state was… Run away scared.

If you coudn’t hunt it, gather it or pick it yourself… it is probably poisonous.

EAT: high quality protein, fat, veggies, fruit, keep nuts and seeds to a minimum.

DRINK: water, tea and coffee

It might sound  like a fad or a low-carb Atkins craze but this is hardly a trend. Humans ate like this for many many years before we decided to start fiddling around with chemicals and machines to make new types of ‘food’. Paleo does not have to be low carb and as opposed to Atkins it encourages HIGH QUALITY food… organic grassfed meat and dairy is always your number 1 option.

If you are after true health…. Paleo is the way there 🙂

I am by no means an expert so check out

Robb Wolf

Mark Sisson


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