Crockpot Chicken and some PALEO tips.

I know a lot of people are worried about trying paleo because they think its too time consuming. I’m about to clear that misconception right up:

6.30am- wake up, get dressed, brush teeth ( homemade toothpaste) wash face (with oil)- is it any wonder I am single?

6.45- walk dog

7.15- throw a kilo of chicken breasts into the crockpot, add in two tablespoons of dijon mustard, lemon juice from 1 lemon, a bunch of chopped corriander, a splash of ACV, a bit of water, cup of broth- Turn the crockpot onto high

7.30- leave the house for work

2.30- get home, turn off crockpot.


– add to a salad, topped with homemade sauerkraut and baked sweet potatoes… amazing after a WOD.

or for a bus stop snack….


Kinda looks like my dog’s breakfast… but chicken and avo is a great snack.

So is a piece of coconut…


Here is how I manage my week:

-once a week I cook up a batch of bone broth that sits in the fridge and lasts the whole week

– about twice a week I cook up 2 kilos of meat: I have a constant supply of meat in the fridge

– I keep a sauerkraut rotation going: always a jar in the fridge and a jar brewing. As soon as the 1kg jar in the fridge is finished, I switch it with the one brewing and make another batch. Probably every two weeks. Making sauerkraut is SUPER simple… not time consuming at all.

So basically the biggest effort I put into food on a day to day basis is chopping vegetables.

Paleo is not time consuming… perhaps it might be a littllle bit more then ordering in a pizza ( although I am guessing that doesn’t arrive in 2 minutes right?) but I’d rather spend a little more time chopping my veggies and making bone broth if it means  feeling amazing and strong and getting mistaken for a 22 year old ( i’m 28) rather than moan and groan about my weight, my health, aches and pains and blame things on growing old.


And here is a poolside pooch


How do you manage your paleo week?






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