Sauerkraut Goulash


Sorry I have been AWOL for awhile. I am sure you have all survived.. 🙂

You know your roommate is a keeper when she comes home from the shops with THIS:

coconuts and coconut oil.

coconuts and coconut oil.

We are a little obsessed with these coconuts. SO paleo… they come pre- shaved ( shaved? I don’t know) with little indentations for easy slicing. Yup… straight from the tree. Doesn;t get more authentic than this. Oh did I mention its wrapped up in plastic?

Anyways so I’m not sure what it is about our school staff room but everyone is either always talking about food or looking up recipes on the internet. I’m cool with this.. It makes me feel comfortable and not like some food talking- recipe looking weirdo. So I overheard ( or eavesdropped perhaps?) one of the ladies talking about a goulash she made with sauerkraut…. um- Did she say MEAT and SAUERKRAUT in the same recipe???? Oh YES… I’m all about that!! So I butted into the conversation. And this was the result:


This is SERIOUSLY one of the most delicious things I have ever made.

1. Cook up some onions in coconut oil

2. add your meat cubes

3. add salt, pepper, sweet paprika, some beef stock, cover the pot

4. cook on low for about an hour

5. Add in sauerkraut- you can check my recipe here

6. let it all cook up until the meat is tender

This is INSANELY good!!!!!!!!!



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