Flu Fighting Soup

Ooh dear.. winter is here. How do I know? Well I had a cold shower last night. I forgot to turn on the hot water..because its been months since we’ve needed to do that.

Just what you want when its dark and rainy  Post WOD and you’re all sweaty and disgusting.

Oh yes. And its been raining.


It is with a heavy heart I write this post today. My country has been under attack since Saturday night. Things took a turn for the worse when we finally decided to retaliate in self defense and OBVIOUSLY thats when the rest of the world noticed something was wrong. Typical. I can’t get upset about it because the media will never tell the truth. Israel will never be popular. But this is nothing new to my people.  All I can do is pray for PEACE and the safety of our civilians and soldiers and pray that this will pass and not turn into a full blown war.

Winter is slowly but surely on its way, bringing along with it bugs and viruses. Here is a soup recipe to help fight off the flu!

The base is bone broth. You can see the recipe here.

I add in veggie noodles- carrots, zucchini, sprouts

– mushrooms

FLU FIGHTING KEY: a ton of grated ginger

– crack in 2 eggs ( they sort of poach themselves in the broth- I assume its from the vinegar)

This is not only super delicious but it gets rid of swollen glands and a sore throat…a miracle worker!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day





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