Paleo Porridge ( nut free)

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of porridge??!!

Nobody! And if you say you don’t then you are either lying or weird. Or both.

I did something really stupid the other day. And by stupid I mean FREAKING AMAZING.

I made CHOCOLATE cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache topped with PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING.


It was my roommate’s birthday so I left her a little surprise in the fridge.. and then proceeded to eat a whole lot of them myself.


Whats that? You want the recipe? Well.. this is a paleo blog remember?! ( its just chocolate cupcake recipe, filled with chocolate ganache and topped with peanut butter frosting… super simple. Oh and sprinkled with Gold. Fancy)

  hello lovers

So other than making sinfully delicious non-paleo cupcakes,deadlifting and abusing small cats like this:

and again…

I’ve been making some more paleo porridge.    
( ok for some reason the font has gone italic and I can’t seem to get rid of it. So  we’re sticking with the fancy- gold vibes for now.)
This is my latest paleo porridge version:

* grate zucchini

* add 3 tablespoons of coconut milk

*mash in 1 banana

cook everything up

* add in 2 eggs

* stir until cooked

* top off with cinnamon and coconut

Can’t get enough…!!

p.s I don’t really abuse animals.

I am obsessed with them… especially this one:

Happy Friday Paleo Kids








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