Scotch Eggs

Happy day…!! Especially to my little sister who turned 26 today!!!! God.. 26. and you’re my LITTLE sister.

I’m old.

I’ll maybe go gorge myself on some Paleo hot chocolate. Oh wait.. I already did that about an hour ago.

( a few buttons of 100% dark chocolate melted into hot water + coconut milk= WINNER)

On Friday I did the First Ever Israeli HERO WOD in support of the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center. A bunch of crazy AMAZING guys and girls are running Tough Mudder next month, in support of the Lone Soldier Center. You can check out the details here to donate to this  special charity.

The WOD was ridiculous… 1km run and then EIGHT rounds.. yes thats 8…. of 21 burpees 21 sit ups and 2 thrusters.

It was a really fun day, a lot of sweating and swearing. ( well I can only speak for myself about the swearing part…)

On an unrelated note…

Here are some scotch eggs… A great paleo snack/ breakfast/ lunch/ dinner… whenever. You know I don’t like defining my meals. Food is food!

Step 1:

Boil an egg

Step 2:

mix up some ground beef with freshly chopped sage, garlic powder, salt and pepper

Step 3:

Cover the boiled egg in the meat

Step 4 :

bake until done

Step 5:




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