Gratitude and Coconut Butter

So there are a TON of blogs out there that make out like everyone has such perfect lives. Or that write about daily activites. Woah if I had to do that my blog would look like this:

6am- wake up and walk the dog

7am- drink bone broth

8am-8pm- work and eat and doggy walking

9pm- workout + eat + cook

11pm- walk the dog and sleep

everyday. How boring.

And my life is FAR from perfect. So thats why I keep my blog pretty much recipe and workout related. Because who really wants to read about my boring life? Nobody. And I wouldn’t want to be as presumptuous as to assume people actually care about how I go about my day. But today I’m going to write a little about my boring life…

1. because I want to send a shout out to some awesome ladies

2. because it might help others

So like I said.. my life is far from perfect. I won’t list everything that is wrong with it because that is exactly the point I want to get at… practice gratitude!! I spent way too long focusing on everything that was wrong in my life and everything I didn;t have. And it just brought me misery. As soon as I started focusing on what I DO HAVE and not worrying what will happen tomorrow, life became a whole lot more fun. I list everything I am grateful for everyday… people ( and my dog is totally included in the people category) are always top of the list.

I am So SO SO lucky because I have some pretty special people in my life. Some don’t read my blog, one in particular.. but thats ok- she is still the  bestest friend in all the world who isn’t afraid to tell me when I need to pull my shit together- even if it makes me cry and not want to talk to her . I am so blessed to have her in my life, as well as my awesome sister who for some reason looks up to me god knows why… she is WAY more organised than I ever will be. She is just incredible and super smart and talented.. you can see for yourself here.

I’m pretty lucky to have a roommate who sends me photos of my dog with messages like this:

look mom. aunty Roni took me for a walk

i like rolling on the grass…


and now I am doing a #2….

Anyway…… I am also super grateful for my two girls D+ E who I ADORE with all my heart… I can’t believe I have only known them 4 years. Aside from the really important stuff like being there for each other and stuff… they also buy me cool presents 🙂 like tea.. and coconut butter 🙂

And then when you eat the whole jar in 3 days… you are left with no other option but to make it yourself.


Homemade Coconut Butter

pour two cups of ground coconut into a blender


every few minutes stop and scrape down the sides

BLEND some more

scrape some more

Keep going until you get Butter


And sorry for those of you ( Dylan) who want more specific instructions.

Just a word on coconut butter… DAMN IS THAT STUFF GOOD.

I used to loveeee peanut butter… just like any good Anglo Saxon. Coconut butter is BETTER than peanut butter. really and truly.

Anyways.. so this is a really REALLY long blog post. Sorry kids.. but gratitude is important. If you don’t practice is daily I recommend you to start.. its kinda crazy the good things it brings into your life.

one more little gratitude story: last night I came home SUPER late.. everyone was upstairs asleep. Except for this little boy. He was waiting for me by the front door.

Have a happy happy day… and count your blessings 🙂





8 thoughts on “Gratitude and Coconut Butter

  1. 6am?!?!O.O im only seeing my second dream at this hour..
    Anyway Im sure your life is much better than you think so be optimistic, always see the full half of the coconut butter jar and your life will become even better!

  2. Gratitude is DEFINITELY important. (And I am grateful for coconut butter!) I try to write a “today I am grateful for…” every day. It’s a great reminder of all of the beautiful blessings that we might otherwise overlook…

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