Paleo stew #2 and a WOD

OK here is stew number two:

woahhh this was good.

After cooking up a batch of bone broth, I removed the  bones and most of the broth ( i left about a cup) from the crockpot and added:

-1 cup of water

– a splash of apple cider vinegar

– garlic

-bay leaves

-salt + pepper


– half a potato ( half coz I avoid nightshades but I really wanted stew with potato.. and the other half I saved for roasted veggies in ghee.)

– onion

-parsley root

-fresh parsley

-half a kilo of beef

I left it cook for about 4 hours…. and then stuffed half a butternut with it.


Thats a mean feed right there.

Almost as mean as 100 burpee pullups.

Any crossfitters done that WOD yet? I did it yesterday in 12.08- I was pretty pleased with that time. Although the pullup bar wasn’t too high above my head so I dont know if that counts. In my gym there is either a ridiculously high pullup bar for giants or a really low one for dwarfs… wtf is up with that??

pullup bar for giants

I’m going to do it again in the park where there is a pullup bar for medium sized human beings.

just a little eye candy for you all.

Have an A-W-E-S-O-M-E day!!!!

and remember… its not happy people who are thankful, its thankful people who are happy


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