Why I love Crossfit, Paleo and Carrot Cake

I’ve been into fitness for the last ten years and have pretty much done it all. I’ve also been eating ‘clean’ for the last ten years of my life with a little bump in the road when I realised it had become more of an obsession than anything else. In an attempt to break free I swung completely the other way and ate anything and everything for about 6 months before finding a balance. I went back to eating ‘clean’ minus the obsession and thought I had it all figured out. My training was going GREAT, I stopped the running madness and focused on full body weight training, intervals and circuits. I had heard about Crossfit years ago but never wanted to do it because I hated the idea of doing other people’s workouts. I liked doing my own thing.

With the increasing popularity of Crossfit, I suddenly found random people in the gym asking me if I do Crossfit. Apparently deadlifting + jumping rope + pushing makeshift prowlers= you do crossfit.

So I thought.. right. Maybe I should go and see what all this Crossfit business is about.

In December last year I went to Crossfit Jerusalem for the first time ( and sadly have been back since- I am determined to get back there at some point!!) and discovered the beauty of Crossfit. For me its not so much the workouts.. because those were the sort of workouts I was doing anyway… it was the community. I got over wanting to do my own thing all the time… there is something really special about the sense community in everyone being in something together, going through the same struggles, pains, victories..challenging one another, helping one another. Its pretty special.

Getting into Crossfit eventually lead me to Paleo. I always said its never good to completely cut out a food group, or put restrictions on what you can and can’t eat. I thought I’d try it for a month and give it a go and see what happens from there. In the back of my mind I was like.. ye giving up oatmeal and peanut butter? NOT going to happen… I started in January 2012 and I’ve never looked back. Sure I have the odd slip up here at there on holidays but 98% of the time I eat strict paleo and LOVE IT. The more I learn about Paleo the more I have NO issues with giving up certain food groups if all they do is cause havoc to the human body.. and don’t actually contribute anything other than being ‘socially acceptable’.

Not only is it super tasty and healthy.. but eating Paleo has enriched my life in so many ways. I have learnt tons of new things about food, the body, traditional health and nutrition, science, lifestyle.. and one of the greatest things is the sense of community there is in the paleo world. Simply through eating paleo  I have met so many great people.

So what I love about paleo and crossfit in a nutshell ( after all that rambling): smart and DELICIOUS eating+ smart training for true health… plus a whole lot of great friends ( who don’t think I’m crazy).

And now here is some cake:

certainly not winning any beauty contests…. but taste contest… hells yeah!

– boil up 5 carrots until they are soft

-blend them up with a ton of cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg and cloves

– add half a cup of coconut flour

– add two eggs

– add a drop of vanilla

– 1 spoon of butter/ ghee/ coconut oil

– 1 spoon cocoa butter

– 6 dates

– baking powder

blend it all together and bake at 180 degrees. it took about half an hour. Make sure it cools before you eat it because its very fragile.

I made a sandwich with coconut cream 🙂


oh that texture… so good!!





Have you tried Crossfit? Or done a Paleo challenge?



2 thoughts on “Why I love Crossfit, Paleo and Carrot Cake

  1. I would love to do Crossfit, but unfortunately it’s just too expensive around here 😦 My workouts are pretty similar to CF and I read up on the WODs online and what not… but yeah… hopefully one day I can actually join a CF gym as the community aspect would be really nice 🙂

    • to be honest.. i mostly train by myself in a regular gym! i just happen to know a lot of people in the community through being involved with crossfit and paleo. you can get started by yourself!

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