Beef and Turkey Heart Stew-Stew Number 1

So this means that there is a stew number 2 on its way.

I’m going through a big of a stew phase. And a roasted vegetables in ghee phase. But this is about stew.. not roasted vegetables in ghee. But DAMN is that good.

Ok back to the stew…

So I’ve taken to making stew  an ongoing weekly affair. And by that I mean I made it once last week and then again tonight.

I like to over-exaggerate and be dramatic. Life is just more exciting that way.

Its no secret I am obsessed with bone broth. I have it every morning – if you haven’t seen my post on it you can read it here.

What I have taken to doing is once I am finished an overnight batch of bone broth ( I made it once a week) I take most of the broth out the crockpot, leave about a cup in the crockpot and then add in all the stew ingredients.

For the stew:

I left in bones and a cup of broth

-add in a cup of water

– 500g beef ( or whatever meat you like)

– I added in some chopped turkey hearts

– a cup of coconut milk

– grated ginger

– salt


– garlic


-butternut squash

– onion


I let it cook for around 4 hours. It came out SUPER delicious.

And make sure when you get bones for your bone broth you get one of these… to make a paleo straw:

And then when you’re done drinking your coffee through your straw… give it to your dog

Happy stewing!




6 thoughts on “Beef and Turkey Heart Stew-Stew Number 1

  1. I had to check out your recipe, because I know paleo doesn’t include noodles… and I thought I saw some in the photo. Guess it was squash! Not too sure about turkey hearts, though. I’ll take your word for it that this was delicious 🙂

    • spaghetti squash! It was my first time cooking hearts so I took the easy route and threw them in a stew! It has a livery kind of taste.. if you like liver 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Omigosh…a Paleo straw. Uh-mazing.
    Also, bone broth is my favorite. The guys at Whole Foods look at me like I’m nuts when I ask them to go to the back and cut me some beef knuckle and marrow bones, but I’ll take the funny looks if it means I’m going to get bone broth out of the deal!

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