Poached eggs

hey paleo kids!  And hello to the non-paleo kids that might be reading this. You’re more than welcome too.

I always had an irrational fear of poached eggs. I think it stemmed originally from not really understanding the point of a poached egg.

Like.. how is it that different from a soft boiled egg or fried egg.. I just never really got it. and THEN I tried to make one and was completely traumatised.. coz I screwed it up and there was egg mush floating around in water. So I gave up.

Anyways.. so a few days ago, still not entirely sure as to the point of a poached egg… I decided to try it again. Because giving up is never a real option ( I’m talking to you toes to damned bar)

Lord have mercy.

NOW I get the point.

Pure joy.

I make mine in a tiny little pot.

Bring two cups of water to the boil and add  a VERY generous splash of apple cider vinegar.. I don’t measure it out or anything. Then crack an egg into it- For me this is a very tense moment with flash backs of my original poached egg attempt… but then.. as if completely by magic: the white starts to float upwards and proceeds to surround and embrace  the yolk like a misty fog. The yolk disappears into the deep depths of the magical mist and you are left to wonder how long you should wait… you don’t want it undercooked and you don’t want it overcooked.


Sorry I don’t have an exact time..I just wing it. I think next time I’ll time it to be 100% sure. I turn off the heat when the egg white looks very solid. Then you spoon it out very gently and eat it with something yum. I think a burger might be next in line…

And to say I am obsessed might be an understatement…


Poached egg on top of beef liver, topped with sauerkraut

veggies roasted in ghee with Poached egg on top.

Love Love Love Poached Eggs!!!!!

( although I still dont reallllyy get the point .. )






3 thoughts on “Poached eggs

  1. You crack me up!! Poached eggs are awesome though! Eggs florentine is one of my favourities…p.s. you can definitely do toes to bar! 😉

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