Beetroot stuffed Burger

Hey! I shouldn’t have gone on yesterday about all my baking and then come today with a BURGER recipe..

thats kinda mean.


But if truth be told…no matter how much I love baking – I actually prefer REAL FOOD. Sounds kinda crazy right? or like I am in denial?

well if you offered me a super rich and aromatic bowl of stew and veggies vs a cake… i’d go for the stew. yyummyyyy.

I think I’ll go make some stew.

But first:

1. bake your beetroot whole in the oven

2. when it is soft, put it in a blender with fresh basil leaves

3. stuff your burger with the mixture

4. cook in a heated pan with coconut oil, cook on both sides and then cover up the pan with a lid to finish off cooking

for the burger:

mix up your meat with oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder

you can see here how I put my burgers together.  And here is my pesto stuffed burger in case you missed it 🙂



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