Why you should be Foam Rolling

Everyone should foam roll!

I view mobility work as a  fundamental part of my training. Its just as important as the work out itself.


Because mobility work is ESSENTIAL for injury prevention, dealing with aches and pains and to increase your athletic performance. There are lots of ways to do mobility work using exercises, stretches and specific equipment. Foam rolling should always ALWAYS be part of your routine.

Foam rolling is basically a way to do self massage and work on your soft tissue.

You pretty much just maneuver yourself on the foam roller and apply pressure to sensitive areas. I like to actively roll and intersperse with holding down onto a particularly tight area.

This works really well for releasing the glutes (i love to use the tennis ball here too), quads, hamstrings, calves, lats, shoulders ( this needs a bit more maneuvering), its GREAT for the Iliotibial band work ( that tight area above and to the side of your knee cap)

foam rolling on a tennis ball- that hurts! Some people say a tennis ball is too soft to be effective but I find that if I elevate my feet and have my back on the foam roller with all my weight on the ball- its pretty effective 🙂

Sometimes I need a little more than foam to get into my tight quads ( thank you squat cleans)

Self massage with an Olympic bar. That hurts.

For TONS of mobility ideas check out mobilitywod.com

What mobility work do you do?


3 thoughts on “Why you should be Foam Rolling

  1. I do the same for all activities I do, especially the martial arts; if I’m not mobile for that, I’ll lack the flexibility and strength to handle the workouts !


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