Seared Tuna

Hey everyone! Lately I’ve been slacking on the recipe posts… don’t worry I have TONS!! The few months I had off blogging inbetween the old blog and starting this one, I photographed everything… old habits die hard.

So here is one of my favourite recipes… its super easy and delicious.

Cooking tuna is SO SIMPLE yet really easy to mess up if you cook it for too long. See that pink in the middle? That means cooked to perfection 🙂

The dictionary definition of Sear says: to burn or scorch the surface with a sudden and intense heat.

So thats pretty much all you do! Get some coconut oil ( I used to do this with sesame oil) going in a pan, once its hot- drop your fish ( seasoned with salt and pepper) onto the pan and let it go for about 2 minutes on each side. You can actually watch the pink starting to disappear and the sides get cooked.

Does that even make sense? the bottom will turn light brown and the light brown colour starts to work its way up as the fish cooks. When you flip the fish over you want to make sure you can still see pink in the middle between two light brown layers of cooked fish 🙂

I then roasted a tomato, grated cucumber into noodles with my julienne peeler and topped it off with some homemade basil pesto.

And ate it for breakfast.

Happy day!!!




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