Eat saturated fat- its GOOD for you!

No you didn’t read that wrong… saturated fat is indeed HEALTHY.

If you are eating paleo already you probably know all about this and will most likely be bored.. so you can skip to the bottom of this post to see an unbelievably cute picture of my dog before you go off to fry up something yum in a big blob of butter. ( because butter is full of vitamins and good fat).

For the rest of you… please carry on reading because I am about to give you a really TASTY and HEALTHY wake up call.

melting down butter to make ghee


The greatest misconception is that saturated fat clogs arteries and causes heart disease.

This claim was NEVER PROVEN. Ever.

What actually causes arteries to clog is inflammation – caused by the low fat diets everyone thinks are so healthy- too much omega 6 oils, processed carbohydrates and food, mineral deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies and the lack of animal fats and tropical oils in our diet..  If there was no inflammation… the cholestrol would be free to move as nature intended.

Sally Fallon, author of ‘Nourishing traditions’ said this about milk, ‘ real milk has all the fat in it. The way nature intended. That fat is there for a reason, nature doesn’t make mistakes`

I love that quote and it applies to all fat- what is this margarine nonsense?? Low fat yoghurt? Low fat cheese? Low fat everything?! Don’t even get me started on DIET SODA!  Has it made the world any healthier? No- we are more obese then ever before. Have people stopped getting heart disease and diabetes? NO!

So where is the problem??

We have strayed away from WHOLE FOODS. REAL FOODS. The way NATURE INTENDED.


I personally couldn’t care less what my cholestrol levels are. I DO care that I eat lots of anti inflammatory foods rich in Omega 3- healthy saturated fats, meat, eggs, veggies.

So we have covered the fact that eating saturated fat is healthy and doesn;t cause heart disease…

Here is some proof.  And some more… and another great resource can be found here.

What about those who are worried that eating nutrient rich butter and other fats will make them fat?


This has nothing to do with genetics- I am of Eastern European Jewish decent. I grew up on challah bread, kneidelach and kugel. Believe me this has nothing to do with genetics.

The genetics argument is something I hear a lot… `oh but its easy for you, thats your build. ‘

Well- no this is not my ‘natural’ build. If I stopped lifting weights and started eating a modern day diet of processed junk I would lose my lean muscle mass and gain body fat. Simple.

Here are some other great articles to read:

on heart disease

about why you should be eating butter and not low fat rubbish

why not to trust mainstream health advice

And this is a GREAT little clip on youtube

And for those of you who are just here for the dog:


I tried to make this as easy to read as possible- as usual if I left anything out please feel free to add any extra information you have, links, books etc… and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them.










9 thoughts on “Eat saturated fat- its GOOD for you!

  1. I love this post! So VERY true! I eat a very similar diet and people think it is genetics. Ha! I am of Hungarian descent and if I ate the food I grew up on, didn’t work out or lift weights, well I would not be as thin as I am now. People are so afraid of fat, it’s the sugar and processed crap they should be afraid of. 🙂 I love and use Ghee all the time!

  2. This may sound like a stupid question but why is the butter white?
    I’ve only ever seen yellow butter, I’ve seen a few photos of white butter and I’ve always wondered.
    Is it a grass/grain fed thing?

    • i think it might be an instagram thing! actually yellow butter is better! it comes from grass fed cows and white butter doesn’t 😦 unfortunately where I live there is no grassfed butter. BOO.

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