The Beauty of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a magic oil. It just does EVERYTHING. Its like a mom. Is there nothing it can’t do??!!

In one day I:

a. cook with it

b. put it in my coffee

c. put it in my hair after showering

d. rub it on face in generous quantities before bed

e. rub it on my face in less generous quantities before leaving the house in the morning

f. rub it on any dry skin/ skin irritations/ cut/ sores etc…

g. snack on it ( for reals)

f. lick the spoon after all aforementioned activities.

I LOVE  COCONUT OIL… and if you don’t love it yet… here is why you should:

Coconut is made of medium chain tryglicerides which are a saturated fat that is easily metabolised and can be used by your body as energy without causing an insulin spike (awesome). It is a very stable fat, solid at room temperature and does not oxidise at high temperatures- thats why its great for cooking. It has tons of minerals ( manganese, phosphorous, calcium, iron, selenium and more), vitamins- B-vitamins, including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, and pantothenic acid as well as vitamins C and E. I am not going to pretend I have done scientific research, this is just bits and pieces that I have read along my Paleo journey. You can find a ton more information here. Mark Sisson always had clever things to say on his blog so I am sure there will be lots of information there too.

So why should you include coconut oil in your diet?

Some of the benefits of coconut oil:

hair care

skin care

stress relief

maintaining cholesterol levels

improved blood sugar and insulin control

plays a role in prevention of kidney and gall bladder disease

weight loss

absorption of nutrients

increased immunity

reduces inflammation

proper digestion and metabolism

dental care + bone strength as a result of the nutrient absorption function mentioned above

anti-viral/ funagal/ bacterial properties = AWESOME FOR HEALTHY GUT FLORA!!

healing properties

And really there are a whole lot more.. you can read them here.

I’m sure I have left out a lot of information- so if I did please feel free to add in more in the comments or do some more research.

I like all forms of coconut… In the middle you will see one whole KILO of coconut oil, sandwiched between dry coconut and coconut milk.

Making coconut butter ( blend dried coconut with coconut oil- if you have a crappy blender like mine. if you have an awesome blender just coconut works fine too).


add it to your coffee… coffee and fat fix= sustaining cup of coffee.

Fry your eggs in it ( and eat your homemade sauerkraut + bone broth along side of course- those bad gut bacteria don’t stand a chance)

Make ugly almond butter cups 🙂

( melt the oil, mix with cocoa powder + mashed banana / honey/ dates to make chocolate)

And I am pretty sure nobody wants to see a picture of my slathering it all on face before bed or putting it in my hair.  Trust me on that one 🙂

Again if I left anything out please let me know, feel free to add in, ask more questions and I’ll be more than happy to try answer 🙂





8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Coconut Oil

  1. I’m now curious enough to attempt a purchase at Anise. But I have two questions: When cooking, do you use it in lieu of olive oil? And IF I decide to try it in my coffee…I can still use milk, right? 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

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