Thumbprint Rhubarb and Berry Jam Cookies

Who can honestly say they don’t like a good cookie?

I LOVE a good cookie. In fact I love an entire plate of good cookies. Sadly they don`t love me so much… especially when I eat them 2 hours before a WOD. Helen to be exact.


Warning… these are E-P-I-C

For the cookie dough:

1 cup of almond flour

half a cup of coconut four

a sprinkle of cinnamon

1 banana

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

cocoa powder ( now i didn;t measure this at all coz I had a little left so I just tipped the whole box over.. I am guessing somewhere between 1/8 to a 1/4 cup. My batter was a light brown colour)

Mix everything together in a bowl… never mind dry ingredients/ wet ingredients.. I just threw it all together and mashed with a spoon. This is primal eating boys and girls… I don’t think they had the tools to fuss over separate bowls. They probably didnt have ovens to bake cookies either. whatever.

For the Jam:

3 strawberries, some blueberries , some rhubarb ( I just took very small handfuls of each), a bit of water, a tablespoon of chia seeds and a little coconut. Let this sit for a little while to get all nice and gooey.

The cookie dough is quite sticky but definitely firm enough to roll into a little ball, then press your thumb into it to make a small indentation and spoon a little bit of jam into the indentation.

I also made one cookie with the jam inside!

I cooked them for 25 minutes, 200 degrees – I guess it depends on your oven really. I kept checking to make sure they didn’t dry out.

These come out a little crispy on the outside and SUPER soft and sticky on the inside.

I wouldnt advise eating these before Wodding Helen… Just saying.





16 thoughts on “Thumbprint Rhubarb and Berry Jam Cookies

  1. These look awesome! I try to bake some goodies for my fiance every Sunday that he packs to go and for PWO treats… these are definitely getting added in the queue!

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