GLOW…drink bone broth

There is no better way to start your day then with a cup of homemade vitamin and mineral packed bone broth.

This is a true multi-vitamin. There are so many wonderful benefits of bone broth:

It provides easy to absorb: calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and other minerals.

* gelatin:

great for skin/ hair/ joint health

promotes gut health


regulates hormones

essential and non essential amino acids

* collegen:

Great for skin health and joint health


The best part is it is SUPER EASY TO MAKE!!!!

You can roast the bones first or just use them raw. If you roast them the broth has a darker colour. I dont roast them because who has the time?! The only time I used roasted bones is if I am using the bones of a whole roasted chicken.

I get bones – I try make them varied- from my butcher but I also keep bones from whatever meat or chicken I cook. I have  a permanent bone supply in my freezer. ( right next to my vegan roommate’s nuts and seeds. poor boy).

I use 500g of bones to 3.5l water

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar ( to help draw out the nutrients)

Optional: bay leaves, onions, garlic, veggies..

Transfer into a pot to keep in the fridge

I like to freeze some broth to have a constant supply and use it for stocks and sauces, cooking up noodles etc

A sign of good bone broth is a jelly like texture.

Add veggie noodles and mushrooms

Add some fish to it… and eat with a side of coconut 🙂

Drink it plain

Beef bones: cook on high until boiling then simmer on low for 8-24 hours

Chicken bones: minimum 4 hours




Do you drink bone broth on a regular basis? How do you prepare it?


8 thoughts on “GLOW…drink bone broth

  1. I roast a whole (“teva-of”) chicken, cut off most of the meat, and cook with bay leaves and a whole carrot. My secret trick is adding 2-3 dried lemons for acidity. My Iranian grandmother makes some amazing semi-Paleo dishes with those. When the soup is done they’re soft and I just eat them whole =)
    I pour the soup in jars and let it cool in the fridge overnight, then skim off the chicken fat that floats to the top, too omega-sixy.
    Never had any success with beef bones though. Maybe I should get them at a butcher’s and not the supermarket…

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  3. I did it! Found some frozen chopped up… calf’s calves? At Tiv Taam. They still had some hair stuck to them which kind of creeped me out… but the soup, it gelled so well you could stand on it =)

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