Sweet potato and sage chicken

This is super yummy… so its a good thing I cooked in bulk.

A whole kilo.

ye.. coz that wont get boring.  I have ADD. Self diagnosed.. but still. Goodness knows what I was thinking making an entire kilo of the same thing. ( unless that same thing is a burger.. I love burgers. and cupcakes. oohh I should make a BURGER CUPCAKE.. oh yep.. theres the ADD)

Back to the chicken.

Luckily its Delicious Chicken. With a capital D and C. Eating an entire kilo of DC might not be so bad….

chop up onions, 1 sweet potato, garlic, chicken, add in chicken and beef stock ( i think one would work fine, I just used both for fun), add in a few fresh sage leaves and bake in the oven!

Its really good with zucchini noodles ( cooked up in some more beef stock… I have an endless supply. Like a magic pot that keeps refilling itself by little magical elves. Only there are no magical elves… just me. I wish I was a magical elf. or had a magical elf. )


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