Paleo breakfast

When people first start eating paleo they often get stuck on breakfast… lunch and dinner are easy (right?!) but breakfast has always been sold to us as

– cereal

– toast

– oatmeal

-yogurt and fruit

– chocolate spread on bread… (wtf..honestly..!!!)

– more weird and wonderful cereals in the shape of brightly coloured rings/ COOKIES… god knows what.

So when you start your primal way of eating.. it can be a bit confusing.

Well I’m about to clear it up.


Thats it… there is no such thing as `breakfast food`- thats just something big corporate companies made up so you’d buy their crap in a box product.

Here are some of my favourite breakfasts… I’ll add now that I am a busy girl. I cook in bulk and heat ( NEVER in the microwave). Chopping veggies takes 2 minutes. There are no excuses to not eat well… you owe it to yourself, and your family 🙂


eggs cooked in butter + bone broth

Image2 whole eggs, salad, avocado and olives


Breakfast on the go…Turkey burger + veggies with chia seeds and some coconut milk I brought from home to add to an Americano


Asado+ bone broth


Spaghetti bolognaise


Burger + bone broth

Eat real food 🙂




8 thoughts on “Paleo breakfast

    • thanks 🙂 just regular butter.. im doing a dairy experiment at the moment. I don’t think it works for me though. I’ll try ghee next but I think I’m going back to no dairy.. I was happy that way 🙂

  1. I love the breakfasts! I was just talking to my fiance about the need to re-frame the paradigm of breakfast. i eat breakfast salads with homemade sauerkraut & a side of bone broth! 🙂 delicious!

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