Orange and Pomegranate Chicken with Balsamic Pomegranate Reduction

Woahh thats quite a mouthful of  a title… just as well this chicken is a good mouthful too.

So the new year is almost upon us… its my favourite time of year! Still hot but not totally disgusting and humid. Me and my little boy are going away to stay with friends, our annual tradition.

Last year was super fun…

And of course we did a lot of eating.

I decided to get started on the new year sweet pomegranate eating a little early….

First blend together half an orange and half a pomegranate to make a juice.

Second make little slits in your chicken and stuff in some orange pulp and fresh sage ( I used one leaf finely chopped)

Third sprinkle with salt and peppper

Fourth pour over some of the juice and bake in the oven.

Fifth after about half an hour, pour some more juice over the chicken

When the chicken is almost done pour a little more juice over.

While all this chicken baking and juice pouring is going on… take your half a pomegranate, put it in a pot/ pan and cover it with balsamic vinegar and heat… let the balsamic vinegar reduce down until it is sweet and gooey and sticky.

At this point I have gotten bored with listing first, second, third bla bla bla… so next… slice up zucchini with a regular peeler. Cook up the zucchini in coconut oil, garlic and apple cider vinegar.

When the chicken is done place it on your zucchini noodles, pour over the last bit of source and top it off with the balsamic pomegranate reduction.

Enjoy… and Chag SAMEACH!!!!!!!!

שנה טובה



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