Mango Pudding

I really like food. I think I get it from my parents. That and the dog obsession. Its in my DNA so theres nothing I can really do about it.. except eat and cook. And eat leftovers off other people’s plates. ( that can be a bit embarassing sometimes).

Food makes everything better – emotional breakdown right here..

Like when I get bruises from doing hang cleans coz CLEARLY my stupid elbows wont go up fast enough…


I look like I’ve been punched with an iron clad tennis ball. 

BUT its nothing a little mango pudding can;t fix….

Oh Mango Pudding. You have my heart.


3 tablespoons of coconut milk ( make sure to take the cream separated from the liquid) huh? did that sentence even make sense? If you pour a can of coconut milk into a tuperware and put it in the fridge, the liquid part will separate from the creamy part. you want the cream…

Blend it up in a blender with half a mango and leave it to sit in the fridge.. or freezer for  a different texture.

This is love.


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