Paleo snacks- eat real food!

A few days ago I was packing up all my food for the day and I had a teeny tiny little container with some chicken in it. My roomate asked ‘what is that for?’ and I said.. a little snack. In case.

She looked at me like I was loony… some (perfect) roast chicken for a SNACK?! She started laughing and couldn’t quite get over it.

but why NOT snack on roast chicken? or a little salad with sardines? Why does the idea of a ‘snack’ automatically bring up processed packaged junk to mind?

Eat REAL FOOD all the time…anytime!!

Here are some ideas of what to munch on in between meals if you feel like you are a bit hungry…

beef liver sandwich ( liver, mushrooms, onions cooked in cocoa butter and wrapped in cabbage)

sardine salad

bone broth and veggie noodles

Mini burger

If I drink coffee with coconut oil ( and sometimes 100% raw cacoa) at around keeps me going until lunch.


Apple cooked in coconut oil and cinnamon

apple, chia seeds, coconut and raw cacoa nibs with cinnamon

any form of eggs… you cant go wrong!


enjoy 🙂









4 thoughts on “Paleo snacks- eat real food!

  1. I agree; getting away from processed or refined products, and focusing on REAL food, has helped me get to where I want to be–on all levels of my being:)

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