Paleo alfajores

So these look a little like alfajores.. but I have no idea if they taste like them coz I’ve never had one! I just had this sudden urge to make them. Like…I need to make these NOW. or something bad will happen in the universe. No clue why.. they weren’t even on my to-paleofy list. 

These are really good cookies… even my non-paleo roommate liked them! ( although she did say they weren’t sweet enough to be alfajores)/

I think the mark of a good paleo cookie is when a non-paleo person likes them.




For the cookies:

1 cup almond flour

1 cup coconut flour

30g butter

1 banana


blend it all together and divide into little balls, squash them down and bake for 170degrees for 15 minutes


For the filling:

I used 4 medjool dates and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk ( make sure you get the cream to separate from the water first) and blended it together.

When the cookies are cool, make sandwiches with your filling and sprinkle with coconut.

To make these sweeter you could add more dates into the filling and substitute the banana for maple syrup or honey. 

Enjoy 🙂



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