Liver Cupcakes

I have a cupcake obsession. You’ll soon find out. So tonight I decided to make liver cupcakes.

Ok this is probably a little tooo much stretch of the imagination. They are not cupcakes at all. Just liver squashed into a silicone cupcake holder.  Who am I trying to kid?

BUT let me tell you… these are BETTER THAN CUPCAKES.

what? did i just say that? yes. yes I did… better than cupcakes.

wooahh I just said it again…!


For the Liver:

I cooked up 600g of beef liver with onions, mushrooms, and corriander.

First saute your onions in coconut oil + apple cider vinegar and home-made stock/ bone broth

Next add in your liver, a little later add in the mushrooms and corriander.


Once its cooked I packed them away into six servings and put them in the freezer.


To assemble your not really cupcakes- cupcakes:

chop up the cooked liver and line a silicone cup with it, crack over and egg and pop into the oven.

BETTER THAN CUPCAKES I tell you!!!!!!!!

Why??/ Because this just leaves you feeling GOOD, not stuffed, not hungry, just… leaves you feeling right!  Full of energy and nutrients and ready to take on whatever this weird world might throw at you.

Enjoy 🙂



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